Frequently Asked Questions

Lumière is an ongoing project.
Please contact us with additional comments.


How can I reserve a unit?

Buyers must sign a contract and deposit 5% of price – wired electronically or via check delivered to Piatt Sotheby’s International Realty at 260 Forbes Avenue, Suite 1525. Buyers must be pre-qualified by a lender within 10 days of contract execution.

The buyer has a 15-day period to review the condominium documents, and has the option to receive a full refund of the deposit. An additional 5% deposit is required at the completion of the building’s steel construction, estimated September 2018.

What is the construction schedule?

Construction is scheduled to commence in April 2018. We anticipate an 18-month construction schedule. However, we are planning a phased construction schedule, which will allow move-ins to begin approximately 6 months prior to completion, starting with the 8th Floor in April 2019.

Can I lease my unit?

Yes. The minimum lease is three months, and must be approved by the HOA.

Are investors allowed to purchase units in the building?

Yes. However, no more than 50% of the units may be leased at any time.

Is there an available tax abatement?

It is anticipated the project will qualify for Pittsburgh Residential Enhanced LERTA. More details will be released as the project progresses.

What is the capital reserve plan?

At the close of escrow, homeowners will pay two months of additional HOA dues, which will be deposited into the capital reserve account.


Can I combine units? What is the process?

Yes. Units can be combined horizontally and vertically at an additional cost. However, this is best accomplished early in the project. Please contact us to learn more.

What are my standard features?

Please refer to your purchase agreement and package here. Features are subject to change.

When do I make my finish selections?

The targeted date is Spring 2018.

Are there design upgrades available?

Please refer to the hand-selected options here. Selections are subject to change.


What are the HOA fees, and what do they include?

The rate is 35 cents per square foot (subject to change). It includes unit water, sewage, trash, gas, plus building maintenance, building insurance, building utilities, and capital reserves.

How are trash and recycling handled?

There will be a trash and recycling chute accessible on each floor. These utilities are included in monthly HOA fees.

Are the windows operable?

Each unit includes one operable window. We are evaluating an upgrade option for an operable window wall.

How tall are the ceilings?

The ceilings are nine feet.

How close is Lumière to the surrounding buildings?

Please contact us for details.


What are the building amenities?

Please refer the Amenities page or contact us for more details.

What utilities are included?

Gas, water, trash, and sewage are included your in monthly HOA fees.

Will there be security guard or concierge present?

The current HOA fees do not include a security guard or concierge. However, staff can later be added at an additional cost to home owners. The building includes an access control and CCTV security camera system.

Is there a fitness center?

There is not a fitness center in the building. There are several gyms within walking distance, including the PNC YMCA and Health Club & Spa at Fairmont Pittsburgh.

Do I have a reserved parking space? What is the cost?

Please refer to the condominium documents for the number of reserved parking spaces allocated to your unit. Each unit has at least one reserved space within the 350 Oliver Garage. The cost per month per space begins at $300, and will be a separate agreement with the Garage Operator, not included in sales price or HOA fees.

Is there public transit nearby?

Yes, Downtown is a hub for public transit. There are multiple bus stops, in addition to the light rail transit station one block away. Please visit the Port Authority website to discover routes and services.

What is the school district?

Pittsburgh Public Schools. Please refer to this site for more details.

What are the private balcony rules?

No grilling is permitted on private balconies, as to not be a nuisance to other residents. Grilling should be limited to the common rooftop deck. Please refer to the condominium documents for additional rules and regulations.

What is the pet policy?

The pet policy allows for two dogs, with a total combined weight up to 100 pounds. Please refer to condominium documents for more details.